Cinema up front

CinemaCinema is life, cinema is death. To be forward we relate to film due to our experiences in life or merely looking to enjoy ourselves and pass some time. Cinema has risen from the ground, broke down the barriers of social fascinations, deconstructed the reasons for thinking, the inequalities of the world. Cinema has been a catalyst in providing the human being with a medium that not just mirrors reality and socialisation but a medium that takes us into a world of fact and fiction, fantasy with science, murder with reality. Cinema gives us the right to be expressive, to explore the boundaries of our social structures and to become one with the medium. I look to my personal favourites and reflect on the reason why I love and adore them. One of my personal favourites is One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest where I first saw it as a kid and never forgetting the impact it had on me, the way it made me think about the value of friendship, the value of the human sprit, the value for freedom and the struggle of the institutions in society. I could not forget the performance from Jack Nicholson, how he embodied the rebel, the trouble maker and the misunderstood anti hero who got in trouble with the law a lot of the time. The movie was important in my opinion because it was relatable to any walk of life, because we had a character driven by society to the extremes and who ends up in a institution which values him either sane or mad. The movie touches the spirit thought it logic and meaning, the movie is spiritual to a degree where the spirit can never be caged or locked away or committed insane. The film made me think about the merit of cinema, the spirit that movies can contain. Like art, film and cinema is artistic, it is a work of art to produce a piece of work that is surreal, that speaks to our inner conscious. What we take from cinema and film like art is what we experience in looking at the work. We see a piece of work and we subconsciously reflect on the work, we ask question the artist, we questions the reasons, we questions sometimes why we are drawn to such work. With cinema, we are valued as a culture of human being who are aware of the working of the world but some are not. Some films need to appeal to cultures in drawing awareness to the world we live in. Cinema is a reality check, it puts forward what we should be listening to and be deconstructing. Film not to say is a commodity which derives on the riches of producing work with the exchange for money, this can be a problem in that cinema and film is being constructed in some ways to produce work just for profit. Film excludes merit in some instances for pure example the devil inside a horror which I hate with utter resentment. It is putrid due to the fact the movie was made for 1 million dollars in the USA and what we see in the movie is a again another lost footage movie in which we see the usual cliché story of somewhat bewildered people searching and questioning the evil within the world. The movie is boring, dull to the core because it is a movie which was marketed in such a way that it grossed 101 million dollars at the box office and of course a movie with utter no thought and acknowledgement of the audience viewing it. What we miss here is that the movie was made to be marketed in such a way to make a big profit and it succeeded due to the marketing of it. What makes this very disappointing is the realisation is that as cinema gets bigger we will see that the marketing is as important that the actual making of the movie. The Devil Inside was dubbed “the movie the Vatican didn’t want you to see”, yes I believe that the Vatican didn’t want you to see this because it was so bad the Vatican didn’t want to know about it. What we learn from the devil inside is that there is no merit to the film, the producers simply aimed at making a big profit and it succeeded. We can see this sad epidemic in the transformers trilogy and the paranormal “snooze” activity movies. What Michael bay has accomplished is deconstructing beautiful cinema and film into a structure that is loud, obnoxious and as Mark Kermode would say “pornographic”. Michael Bay may bring in the profits but he certainly doesn’t bring in my respect for his work and indeed critics understand that Michael Bay may bring the apocalypse of the movie industry. To sum up yes film and cinema is so beautiful and it connects to us in every chord but the danger lies for the future where big obnoxious mega profitable movies will damage and make the greater small budget indie movies harder to exist in the world of film and cinema. But what I can say, I believe great cinema will continue and will continue thrive and appeal to every audience member and myself. Please leave any of your opinions below, films which connect to you and are unforgettable and films which you detest.

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